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If you want to have good server with many people, then you definitely need a solid website. Website is where most of newcomers come in contact with your server and if you fail here, then they may not even come to server. That´s why we made high-quality Wordpress theme with graphic specially made for Minecraft. Share the news, make contests, built community and show how many people are online. It´s eazy.
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Minecraft theme for wordpress


We made greate features for Magicraft. From online status to skins or responsive design we made Magicraft theme as best solution for you minecraft server.

Minecraft theme for wordpress

Online status

Online status is one of essential features for Minecraft server. It shows how many people are online and if your server is up. Also some basic informations like IP for instant access.

We made version with more details for single server and with basic info for each server in server list.

Minecraft theme for wordpress
Minecraft theme for wordpress


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Be yourself! If you want a unique design for your template, you no longer have to pay expensive graphics. We made special feature in Magicraft called Skins. Thanks to skins you can easily change your design of template. In theme you have 2 basic skins, Dirt and Nether.  More skins will be released soon at our blog also you can subscribe for news about theme and new skins.

Minecraft theme for wordpress
Customizer for minecraft wordpress theme

Responsive theme in minecraft wordpress theme Easy to customize

The new theme Customizer enables you to changes the whole site to fit you. There are many options that you can change and you don’t have to know code, just click color & change it.

  • Color – Change colors of text, backgrounds or links.
  • Background – Set your own background.
  • Display options – Change layout of page.
  • Fonts – Change font and its size.
  • And more…
Responsive theme in minecraft wordpress theme

Responsive theme in minecraft wordpress theme Mobile friendly

The whole website is resposive, it means, that is will addapt to all devices like smart phones, tables and different monitors. We consider it as very important feature of website. It alows players and visitors to confortably read news on mobile phone while they are on travel, in school or work.

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