Problems with Online status


When we were developing online status we focused on reability and speed. It’s most important feature in theme and we spend most time of developing, by testing and optimalizing our online status. So trust me when I said the problem is in your server and hosting configuration, not in our online status.

For two year of supporting my themes I had many mails about online status problems and how is it unreliable etc… And here is it! Post about most common problems with online status and how to fix them.

Query ports

Yes. Query ports are most common problem when you setting up your online status. So please read our guide about configuring your online status on server, how to open query ports. It’s surprising how many users don’t do this.

Firewall ports

This issue is mostly for administrators which have server on their own machine somewhere at home. Problem is, when you opening port of your server (25565) in router firewall you have to open port for  query as well. Here, read somethink about opening ports and configuring server.


This is very rare problem. Usually it is caused by hosting your web on your own machine where is also your server hosting. I recommend to host your web somewhere in proffesional hosting company. They have many usefull functions for your web and they have always latest verisons of PHP and MySQL.

Webhosting ports.

Be sure this the hosting where you decide to host your web is ok. Sometimes provider change ports for connecting onlinestatus with server and it’s doesn’t work. Don’t be shy and ask on webhosting support for help.


Useful links

There some very useful links for guides about configuring query ports and how to check functions of your query ports.